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Colombian Coffee

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Flavours : Cocoa   Blueberry  Cherry

m.a.s.l : 1900
Farm/Area : Anserma Caldas
Processing : Natural
Varietal : Castillo

Colombia is a coffee powerhouse and rightly takes up its position behind Brazil and Vietnam as the third largest coffee producer across the globe. Located in the West of Caldas is Anserma. A major agricultural setup that has provenance as a cooperative since 1967.

Processing in the numerous plantations is more often in the traditional method of mechanised hulling equipment so spare a thought for the farmers and workhands operating this equipment as they are mostly hand cranked to depulp the coffee bean from its cherry. The coffee is then dried on raised beds on a sun drenched patio which facilitates enhanced air circulation that dries the beans both consistently and evenly. In some coffee producing countries a small farm is viewed upon with risk of being engulfed by larger more efficient and cost effective cooperatives, however most Colombia farmers view this as being their unique selling point as they are able to oversee every processing step themselves. This means they can instantly provide correction and guidance before a crop has been irreversible damaged during crop processing. For roasters, this means continuity and consistency every time.  

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