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Quack Quacks Blend Americas | New Release

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Flavours : White Chocolate    Muscovado    Toffee

m.a.s.l : 1700 + 1750
Farm/Area : El Durazno + Tarrazu
Processing : White Honey + Honey
Varietal : Caturra + Catuai

Nestled in our home village of Great Somerford in Wiltshire is a pretty little tree lined avenue known as the Quack Quacks, which we felt we had to investigate it origins. Back in the early nineties the land is said to have once contained a lake which was home to a family of ducks. The lake and resident ducks were very popular with the local children in the village and regular visits would ensue, prompted by the request from the younger children to “Go to Quack Quacks”.

It is during our regular walks  into our local village via the path, where we would pick up the many seasonal aromas from the surrounding gardens and returning foliage. Whether it was the distinct smell of a Chocolate vine, the pungency of Hyacinths or the hidden honeys of Magnolias, the scents would trigger a familiarity to the smell of processed raw coffee beans after being processed using a method referred to as ‘white honey'.

This harvesting process is one that hulls the coffee cherry to leave a thin layer of mucilage still attached to the inner bean and remains one of our favourites for consistently great tasting coffee. Once hulled, the beans are dried naturally in controlled sunlight on patios for up to 13 days upon which time the sweetness
from the mucilage has had time to transfer into the inner bean. This sweet richness will stay resident right up to roasting and will persist until long after.

Our Speciality Guatemalan family supplier made us aware of a new coffee that had just entered its harvest for the year and that samples were on their way to us. The deep hints of dark chocolates and muscavado convinced us that we needed to reserve this particular coffee and after showcasing it at a few of our local
Cotswold markets, we have received some excellent customer feedback.

We have further tweaked the roast and combined it with our popular Costa Rican to create a new exciting blend we have decided to call ‘Quack Quacks Blend Americas’. It became a regular in the markets and also as our mid morning brew so we had little trouble deciding on whether we should add it to the availability list, we are so pleased to finally announce it's arrival. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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