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Rwandan Coffee

£7.95 GBP

Grind Type
Bag Size

Flavours : Cocoa  Orange Cinnamon

m.a.s.l : 1500
Farm/Area : Lake Kivu (Western Province)
Processing : Washed
Varietal : Bourbon

Rwanda was not coffee aware as a commodity or consumer beverage until 1903 thanks to German missionaries and unfortunately 90 years later prices crashed as a result of the world coffee crisis. This crash meant a lot of farms supplying single origin coffees went out of business and both the farming families and global supply market was worse off for this. The reactive benefit that emerged from this was the creation of a Rwandan Coffee Board (OCIR Café), to help refocus its support for its numerous (and precious) coffee plantations. Although the work the various world support organisations helped give the renaissance of Rwandan coffee its much needed momentum, the specialty sector did not form until years later in the early 2000s. Each time we browse the supply list for Rwandan single origin coffee, we are reminded how the vast majority of farming families are operating a plantation that is more often than not just 2 acres in size. Putting this into context, that is about 180 coffee trees.

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