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Oolite Blend Coffee

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Flavours : Rhubarb  Blueberry  Honey

Again, taking inspiration from out surroundings, the Cotswold hills are made of a type of limestone called Oolitic. This Oolitic limestone is formed by tiny round grains that over many years establish themselves as sedimentary rock called Oolite (or the 'Egg Stone'). It is this Oolite rock that is more commonly known to us all as Cotswold stone and which is selected for the many traditional dry stone walls in the region that give the area its recognisable identity

We've adopted the Oolite name for our latest blend which we have intended for use in a filter coffee because of the high flavour notes contributed by the various Kenyan beans we've used. We've been enjoying this at the roastery for a few weeks now and have been preparing it using an aeropress and a 2 minute brew time  

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