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Our Story

My wife Amanda has a rare knack of being able to buy the perfect gift. Christmas 2013 was no different and this time the gift meant a trip to a working Coffee Roastery, Bialetti Moka pot in hand, to try and learn how to make better coffee when brewing at home. The experience, environment, smells and abundance of as much chromed shiny equipment you can stuff into one room meant I was hooked. From that point on the brewing machines got bigger, more expensive and much more complicated. The learning became obsessive, the search for better flavour challenging, and the smile on my face wider. 

It wasn’t long before we were Roasting on a small 200g sample roaster and enjoying coffee at home that was as fresh as we could possibly make it. Learning to roast small scale in the early days has proved invaluable in helping to understand the many different variables that contribute to a successful roast. It is these lessons we focus on conveying to participants who attend our family run Roastery for a session at the Roast school. Fast forward to the present day where we continue to choose Roastmax roasters which we commission and ship from Australia. These roasters give us the control and flexibility required to fine tune the environment to elicit as much flavour as possible from our choices of coffee. 

Like the Bialetti Stove top that today still sits on a shelf in our Roastery, our perpetual thirst for this little brown bean remains as constant as ever.