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Sumatran Coffee

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Flavours : Earthy  Demerara  Liquorice

m.a.s.l : 1550
Farm/Area : Mandheling
Processing : Semi Washed
Varietal : Catimor, Typica, Sigaratu

Although Sumatran coffee is regularly roasted dark to emphasise sweetness in the cup, we opt for a lighter medium roast as it is our favourite coffee when used as filter (our choice being the V60). Sumatran coffee has a unique Earthy and herbal taste which makes it a popular choice to provide floral notes in any blend. The Mandheling reference is a habitual name inherited from Sumatra’s Mandailing people who live in the Northern territories. Customers will notice that these beans are much larger than our other varieties and this makes them practically explode out of our roasting machine when they begin to release gases stored up during the early stages of the roasting process. In case you are wondering what the ‘DP’ means in the name, this is ‘Double Picked’ which references the number of passes by a manual picker along the production line in order to identify defects in the bean such as insect damage. This ensures not only that the beans are harvested at the correct time to ensure ripeness, but also to visually check that the beans are a consistent side to make sure they roast evenly and with flavour continuity.

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