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Gift Box | Hand made Ceramic Coffee Tumbler with Coffee

£32.50 GBP

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Beautiful handmade coffee tumbler for the perfect coffee drinking experience.  These tactile coffee cups have a clever impression in the side rather than an handle, making them lovely to hold and drink out of.  The top half of the cup and inside is glazed, whilst the bottom has a lovely unglazed texture. All signed off with Colette's unique makers mark.

We love working with local artisans, and these coffee tumblers have been handmade right on our doorstep in our own village of Great Somerford.  Each box comes with a makers card from Colette at Somerford Ceramics.

"Being creative has always been a big part of my life since a young age. I adore the versatility that clay has to offer and endless scope of things to make. I spend many happy hours in my home studio, creating pottery under the supervision of my studio cat, Tilly. Thank you for giving my pottery a home , I hope you love it and have many happy years of pleasure from it."

Perfect for a filter or latte, it is equivalent to about an 8oz cup.  

This is for a tumbler in a Magnetic Gift box with a 250g bag of our Roasters Choice Coffee. 

NB These coffee tumblers are handmade and thus each one will be slightly different, which adds to the charm of these stunning handcrafted cups.