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Kenyan Coffee (Kagumoini AB)

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Flavours : Blackcurrant   Mango  Toffee

m.a.s.l : 1750
Farm/Area : Various (large cooperative), Muranga
Processing : Washed
Varietal : SL28

Kenyan coffee is very often 'the coffee' that changes the perception of an individual to what coffee can potentially be. It might be a coffee from an artisan supplier outside of town well off the high street, or a mobile beverage van that has decided to be different and source from a local supplier. It has a very high acidity and fruit content which results in berry sweetness due to the rich red volcanic soils found in many regions dedicated to harvesting coffee.  

The large cooperative of farms that supply this Kenyan coffee consists of local farming groups (around 1000+), all making up a societal cooperative with mutual objectives for bringing their coffee to market. The deep volcano plantations where this Kenyan is grown ensure a complex flavour profile with a wonderful toffee finish which is especially pronounced when the coffee is at its freshest .... became a Roastery favourite for quite a while! 

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