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Costa Rica Coffee

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Flavours : Vanilla   White Chocolate   Pear

m.a.s.l : 1750
Farm/Area : Tarrazu
Processing : Honey Processed
Varietal : Caturra + Catuai

We've been wanting to sell a coffee from Costa Rica for a while now, but it had to be the right one. One that our Roastmax Roaster could really elicit a complex flavour profile from. Costa Rica is well known for having some truly stunning coffees containing truly unique flavours giving a taste complexity and balance enjoyed the world over. The example we've selected for you is 'black honey' processed which means part of the coffee cherry (the mucilage) is left intact and still in contact with the coffee bean inside. This mucilage remanence will then impart its sweetness into the bean meaning a more full bodied flavour and unique sweetness will result. For the whole process to render the results required, farmers have to harvest only when perfectly ripe so each cherry contains more sugar and acids to aid fermentation.

The downstream process will then involve 'less mechanised' stages of processing to ensure these sugars are given the best chance of transferring into the bean itself. For the farm workers it is a slow process but the results are worth it as the coffee is sold at a premium on the open market remains hugely popular. We mostly enjoy this one as espresso in a flat white where we can also emphasise the subtle smokey and tobacco undertones 

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