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Our New Coffees ... An Introduction

January 30, 2021

Our New Coffees ... An Introduction

During the November and December months of 2020, we were trying a large selection of new speciality coffees. Some of these were reserved for us to try by our suppliers and the others arriving on the market in limited supply. We selected four of these to add to our existing collection and wanted to blog a brief introduction ... you can purchase these  individually  or as a  box set 

Brazil (From the Daterra Estate)
An outstanding coffee from the world famous Daterra Estate in Brazil called the 'Reserve'. The 'Reserve' naming is a nod to the farm where it is produced, a conservation area closely protected by its land owners so nature can be protected and left to flourish ... it was something we could closely relate to. This coffee is sweet honey and apricot flavoured and we found it was very good in both filter (V60) and milk based espresso. This coffee has a very high quality score, the highest we have supplied to date!

Brazil (From the Carmo Helidora estate)
Supplied from the Carmo estate having a legacy of 155 years and one that takes a very scientific approach to its coffee production. During our breaks here at Cotswold Coffee Roasters we have found ourselves almost exclusively brewing this bean as our filter option where we have enjoyed this in both the Aeropress and from a V60

Costa Rica (From the Tarrazu Estate)
It's been too long without a Costa Rican coffee in stock at our Roastery. The example we've selected for you here is 'black honey' processed which means the sweetness of the coffee fruit (the cherry) is as full and as rich as possible. We mostly enjoy this one as espresso in a flat white where we can also emphasise the subtle smokey and tobacco undertones that come through in the background

Kenyan Peaberry (From the Kissi Estate)
Some farms call them a freak of nature but we love them, especially with their fruity and delicious sweetness. The Kenyan Peaberry is a bean completely oval in physical form rather than two halves due to one half being dominant during its fertilisation period. Like a bag of tiny marbles, these beans have strong chocolates and Redcurrant flavours which we find best in espresso 

Cupping Table 2020/21 




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