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V60 Coffee Dripper Gift Set

Great as a starter set for a coffee lover, the V60 coffee dripper is a nice and simple way to make a great cup of coffee.

Referred to as the ‘pour over’ or ‘dripper’ method, the technique is a straight forward one. Simply place the device over your cup, add a paper filter, heap the coffee onto the filter using the included measuring scoop, and finally pour hot water in a circular motion over the coffee grinds. The method uses a cone shape to bottleneck the coffee into the neck of the device which promotes saturation of the coffee grinds where filtration and extraction of flavour can take place.

Finding the right coffee for the right method and vice versa, is one of our passions here at Cotswold Coffee Roasters and this little device always occupies a place on our shelves. 

This Gift Set includes :

- V60 dripper (provides 1-2 cups of coffee per brew)

- Measuring scoop

- Filter papers

- Bag of freshly roasted seasonal coffee of our choice that we think works well with the V60 brew type

- Gift Box

Please note, this set includes free delivery 

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