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Limited Edition Ethiopian Red Label Coffee | SOLD OUT

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As Remembrance Sunday draws near here at Cotswold Coffee Roasters we begin to reflect on the lost family still in our thoughts and those left to endure the memory of sacrifices made on the fields of conflict. Our customers will already know we like to offer a yearly contribution to the poppy appeal, especially after such a difficult last 12 months. The team does this by reserving a micro lot of coffee that has taken John’s interest, and to offer this on a first come first serve basis with proceeds being passed to the poppy appeal.

Flavours : Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Lemon

m.a.s.l : 1580 to 210 
Farm/Area : Harrer
Processing : Natural, patio dried
Varietal : Ethiopian Longberry

Grown and matured predominantly in the shade, this Ethiopian coffee is naturally processed to maximise its natural flavour. Reduced mechanised processing helps maintain high notes of cherry and stone-fruit. Layered with dark chocolate and hints of lemon. Heavy in body when brewed as espresso, we are offering this coffee as an exclusive micro lot with only 30kg available which we will roast to order until gone. 

We have 30kgs of an Ethiopian coffee (the birth place of coffee), and will be freshly roasting to order. If you do order the Ethiopian then please may we ask you are patient with us as we will be grouping orders together and roasting as regularly as we are able to. Lastly, a personal thank you for your contribution and support to a charity that remains very close to all our hearts here 

This Ethiopian coffee is being launched as a limited batch with proceeds going to the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal.

Visit our blog to here to read more about the fascinating history  of coffee and the military.

This micro lot is now SOLD OUT. Thank you for your support