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Guatemalan Coffee (Limited Micro Batch)

Grind Type
Bag Size

Flavours : Citric acidity, juicy with plum and caramel sweetness, notes of tamarind and Hazelnut

m.a.s.l : 1600
Farm/Area : Bosques de San
Processing : Washed, Patio Dried
Varietal : Bourbon + Caturra

Our 5th generation farming family in this region of Guatemala has a unique approach to their coffee harvest. Instead of shade providing sheeting to protect their coffee juveniles from the sun and its harsh rays, the farm grows pollen producing saplings alongside its coffee to provide rest bite from the UV and heat. These saplings are then pruned gradually over time which controls the amount of sun reaching the coffee plants which then encourages correct growth and ripening. The sudden removal of sheeting however, would burn the coffee plant and disrupt even, gradual growth, hence affecting flavour in the coffee cherries.

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