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NEW Brazil (Helidora) Coffee

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Flavours :  Plum   Dark Chocolate   Apple

m.a.s.l : 1150
Farm/Area : Carmo Estate (Helidora)
Processing : Natural
Varietal : Yellow Bourbon

The Carmo estate is still family owned and has been supplying coffee for over 155 years. The estate is following a small trend of blood generations introducing a more scientific approach to its coffee production, largely based around science. The farm regularly churns out speciality coffees and has a close association with the Brazil Speciality Coffee Association through its current owner Tulio Junquiera. 

Here at Cotswold Coffee Roasters we drink coffee in every which way possible, but the depth of flavour we get from espresso based brew methods mean it is the firm favourite when we take a short break and step away from the roasting machine. Low altitude beans such as those found in Brazil are usually a good choice to have as espresso for various technical reasons, but at break times we found ourselves almost exclusively brewing the bean from the Carmo Estate in either an Aeropress or a V60.

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