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Brazil (Daterra) Coffee

£11.95 GBP

Grind Type
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Flavours : Honey   Apricot   Almonds

m.a.s.l : 1300
Farm/Area : Daterra Estate
Processing : Pulped
Varietal : Caturra + Mundo Novo

The world famous Daterra Estate in Brazil is a vast landmass, so big it has its own micro climate and weather system. A multitude of separate farms on the estate give it an enormous range of coffees that are monitored with scientific precision whether it is the soil acidity levels or water absorption rates of sapling tap roots. The choice seems endless and we wanted to do something a bit different by picking one of the higher end coffees to add to our books. One coffee that both stood out on the cupping table was the 'Reserve'. A sweet honey and apricot flavoured coffee which was great in both filter coffee and milk based espresso (some nice caramels and dark sugars coming through). for those enthusiasts, this coffee has an SCA score in the 90s, the highest we have supplied to date.

The 'Reserve' naming is a nod to the farm where it is produced, a conservation area closely protected by its land owners so nature can be protected and left to flourish ... it was something we could closely relate to. Although this coffee is our most expensive in our shop catalog, we thought it was well worth the purchase.

This coffee has a limited supply available and will only be roasted to order so please may we ask you to bear with us if you place an order as it could possibly take up to 10 days to get your order. Thank you in advance for your patience, we certainly think it's worth the wait

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