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Aeropress Coffee Maker

£29.95 GBP

The Aeropress is undoubtedly the leading piece of brew equipment available today for those working to a tight budget. 

Its design enables a unique versatility that means a good range of brew methods and their variations can be practiced. This gives you the flexibility to tweak, adjust and really dial in the coffee so the taste is as good as it can be. Whether you are grinding fine for espresso or coarse for a cafetière, this device makes both methods possible. 

Its modular design means transportation, unpacking, brewing, and cleaning are as easy as they can be and everything required for the perfect brew is provided excluding the cup itself, some hot water and a pack of our coffee.

Each pack contains multiple paper filters, enough for at least 350 cups of coffee to be precise. The filters are compostable which means they can be sustainably discarded along with the used coffee.

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