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Limited Edition Coffee Red Label to Support Poppy Appeal

October 27, 2020

Poppy Appeal Coffee

Like the vast majority, we at Cotswold Coffee Roasters have families impacted in some way by the First and Second World War.  For John, he lost three family at Passchendaele and always at this time of year reflection is at the fore front of our mind.  In this year of the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to support the Poppy Appeal so we decided we would try something a bit different and as always using coffee as a theme..so we did a bit of research and learnt a lot...

Back in 1914 there was a halt to  transatlantic trade as a result of the outbreak of war. Central Europe began stockpiling its coffee in advance to preserve supplies and soon coffee imports were under state or military control, they were that important to the troops. British troops largely remained consumers of tea but our boys in the trenches were starting to see the benefit when on lengthy lookout shifts.

When reserves ran low Britain tried unsuccessfully to broker a deal themselves with Brazil for supply. It wasn’t until 1917 when America entered the war that supplies received an all important restock. Rather ironically the Americans had started mass producing a new type of coffee which “removed the disturbing acids and oils always present in ordinary coffee” which we as modern consumers of coffee are searching for!

Coffee Advert 1917

This type of coffee helped digestion and was simply called ‘Instant’. It was a process invented in Japan but commercialised in the US with Brazilian coffee as it’s main source. It soon became a popular choice amongst troops and the necessity of war had the US military buying up vast amounts. History books suggest coffee gave the troops “a healthy wellbeing” and “invigorated them in times of need”. All so difficult to try and comprehend still and it always remains very emotive thinking of the troops involved in such conflicts. 

In a small offering, all of us here at Cotswold Coffee Roasters would like to contribute something ..... somehow.  We are offering a Very Limited Edition of a new Brazilian Fazenda Cetec on a first come first serve basis and will be donating all the profits to the poppy appeal for the Royal British Legion. 

On this 2020 anniversary of Armistice day they will, and always will be, remembered.

To buy your 250g or 1kg bag shop here.

100% of the profits from the sale of these bags will go to the 2020 Poppy Appeal.


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